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Social Media Resources

Below is a list of the most popular social media platforms, where applicable we have also included links to tutorials.

The majority of the tutorials are from which is an excellent website containing 100's of free tutorials.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms


Facebook is probably the most popular social media app, it is used to connect with friends and family and users can easily create/upload and share content. Facebook is also a popular resource for Business users.


Twitter is a social network platform where users can follow other accounts to get access to news as it happens. Users can also create their own 'tweets' which are limited to 140 characters.


LinkedIn is a professional business networking platform that allows users to connect and interact with other professionals.

Google +

Google + is primarily a blogging platform that integrates with your gmail account. Users can join communities and can invite friends and colleagues to join 'circles'.


YouTube is a free video sharing website. Users can watch or upload their own videos. Users can create/access their YouTube account via their gmail email account.

Other Social Media Tools & Platforms


Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows users to upload photographs and share them with their friends/followers.


Pinterest is a social network that enables users to collect and 'pin' favorite photographs and images found on the web, users can create boards where they can organise and store their 'pins'.


Vine is a video sharing app that allows users to upload 6 second long looping videos.


Flickr is a photo & video sharing platform where users can upload, store and share photographs and video.

Contact me with any questions...

If you have any questions about any particular aspect of social media, please email me on

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